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Gather your Ki and yell Kamehameha!


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is the new installment from the Dragon Ball series on console, developed by Artdink, in which you can play up to eight different players at the same time in the multiplayer mode. The game includes the classic characters from the anime series like Goku and Vegeta, and even those from the movies such as the new Bills, the God of Destruction.

The gameplay of this title is similar to the Tenkaichi saga, with full 3D combats in which the stage can be destroyed by your energy attacks. Something interesting about this new one is the possibility of playing with several characters at the same time. You control the main character you choose and then you can select up to three additional characters to fight alongside with you, helping with massive attacks whenever it is necessary.

Something interesting about this game is the possibility of playing with several characters at the same time

The graphic aspect presents a cartoon-style game, with especial emphasis on light effects. The stages have been designed in order to be fully destroyable during your battles, and are brought in from the different series sagas. In this sense, the game is quite loyal by recreating our favorite Saiyan characters, and even the villains, as well as the epic stages where the battles took place.

Get the basic movements in the tutorial mode
Get the basic movements in the tutorial mode

Characters and modes

The game comes with 42 main characters and over 70 if we count Saiyan or different kinds of transformations as totally different ones. This time, the characters belong to different types such as support, Ki blast, fighting or interference, that can be interesting for its gameplay. Each one has its own utility during battles, so this may be important when it comes to setting up a great team. In case you want extra characters you can download them from the official services, like an extra skin for Goku inspired by Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto Shippuden.

The single-player mode features over 60 different missions, developing the history of the original anime/manga. In fact, some of the events have been slightly modified in order to include team battles. Additionally you can customize every character, enhancing their stats and editing their costumes, so you are free to changing hair and skin colors. The game also includes an Online Multiplayer mode, which can be played by up to eight players, and with which you can set up a full Goku team, among other interesting squads.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Full Version Features

Here are the main features of this Dragon Ball game:

  • Online multiplayer game mode enables up to eight different players for co-op battles with your friends or with random players
  • Join the battle with the classic characters from the original anime, and even with the movies’ new ones like Whis, Bills or Goku, Super Saiyan God
  • Characters are classified into different categories, enhancing their strong and weak points such as Ki blasters, fighting or supporting types for increasing the gameplay variety
  • Switch the voice's language from English to Japanese and enjoy the original comments from the series
  • The available stages are bigger than before, and you will feel as if you are actually in planet Namek or in the Time Chamber
  • You can download even more characters through the official service

If you want more information about Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, feel free to check the

Rewards after each mission
Rewards after each mission

System Requirements

Here are the systems for which the game is available to download and play:

  • Game Console: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita
  • Free additional installation process available for each system